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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bridesmaids at the Oscars

Every year the Oscar nominations are released I always ask myself where I have been the last year. I am ashamed to say I have only seen a few of the movies up for nominations this year... and when I say a few I mean two. Moneyball and Bridesmaids. At least I know most of the actors and actresses up for Oscars, but I really must get on my movie watching. Now that theatres will be serving alcoholic beverages...the only question I have is whether the drinks themselves will actually be more expensive than your ticket?

One movie I did happen to see in theatres this summer, four times in theatres to to be exact, was Bridesmaids. I guess it is obvious by how many times I paid to see it, actually enough to buy it on DVD or Bluray twice - that I am a HUGE fan. Bridesmaids by Annie Mumolo & Kristen Wiig, and being the Saturday Night Live fan that I am, I couldn't wait to see it. If you haven't seen it and have no intention of watching all of the Oscar nominated films, this is your one exception. 

Also up for nomination as best actress in a supporting role from the film is Melissa McCarthy.

Bridesmaids Trailer

My drink of the week is inspired by one of my favourite scenes from the movie. The scene on the plane when the Bridesmaids travel to Vegas.

Double 7&7

- 2oz. Seagram's 7 whiskey
- 7-Up
- lime wedge

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

good wine with great friends

With the cold Winnipeg weather most want to stay indoors, especially with busy school schedules. Last week my friends and I braved the elements for our friend Sam's 22nd birthday. We made our way to Hermanos on Bannatyne. 
My mom works on Bannatyne just down the street and often meets clients there for lunch. She had always told me great things, so I was excited to try it for myself. 
The food was great, the service was excellent, and the wine...perfect ending to a busy week.
We all tried something different for dinner and sharing is always the best part of going out with a group. From the watermelon and cucumber salad, or the fish of the day, or even the burger and fries, everyone seemed to love whatever they ordered. Which isn't always easy for one server, a packed restaurant on a Friday night, and a table of 20 young women.

A few of us shared a bottle of Graffigna Pinot Grigio - an Argentinian wine grown in Tulum Valley, San Juan, Argentina. I would highly recommend this wine. It was a delicious wine, that could be paired with a variety of different tastes and dishes, or just a casual glass on its own. With hints of jasmine, peaches, and apricots, they recommend serving along with "stews, seasoned ethic foods: Peruvian, Mexican, Indian, Asian dishes, and cheeses.

Retails for approximately $14.00. Pick up a bottle this weekend, or try it out at Hermanos restaurant.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birthday bevy


One goal I set for myself this semester is to tweet more and check my Twitter more often. The first tweet I read this morning Duncan McMonagle’s tweet about his new baby granddaughter Isadora, born this morning January 8, 2012. This got me thinking about birthdays. 
What would we do without Facebook birthday updates anymore? Before Facebook I knew all of my friends birthdays. I would wake up and actually dial their numbers and call them rather then text them “HBD.”
As I got older and got my first cell phone I remember I would actually have to enter each important birthday under my friend’s and family’s contact information in my phone book. Now with Facebook, it’s almost like forgetting someones birthday isn’t an excuse anymore...because with an iPhone no one will ever believe that you didn’t go on Facebook that day. Not only that you’re expected to send a text and write on their wall.
All of this thinking made me remember the the Entertainment Tonight, and the ET Birthdays. When I was younger I would always wait anxiously for 6:30 p.m. on Global to see what celebrities were celebrating on that day. On April 16th I would always get excited to see who shared a birthday with me - and the only person I ever recognized was Charlie Chaplin.
So today I went on Google search and looked up celebrity birthdays for January 8th and I found this link...

So today a happy birthday goes out to David Bowie, R.Kelly, and Elvis Presley, and of course Isadora McMonagle...
Here is a drink to celebrate January 8th birthdays...
Elvis Presley cocktail

1. Vodka - 1 1/2 oz.

2. Bailey's Irish Cream - 1/2 oz.
3. Banana Bols - 1 oz.
4. Frangelico - 1 oz.

add all ingredients to a shaker with ice and do as the King does and “shake, rattle, and roll,” it in to your favourite glass and enjoy!