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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fine wines with Ginny Devine

Kim Crawford - Malborough Sauvignon Blanc - approximately $22.00 (MLCC)
This self proclaimed “Wild At Heart” sauvignon blanc is my mom’s favourite, and I’d by lying if I said we don't keep a bottle chilling in the fridge.
I have to say I still remember the first time I tried this wine a few years ago, and I was torn. I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. Depending on the day I could take it or leave it, but now I love the sophisticated, sweet, yet slightly, “light to medium bodied aromatic wine taste.”  I guess you can say my mom really does live up to her name with her, "Devine" taste.

This wine includes aromas of gooseberry, passion fruit and citrus flavours. They suggest pairing with fresh oysters, vegetarian and/or asparagus dishes, or summer salads.

Spy Valley - Marborough Pinot Gris - approximately $23.00 (MLCC)
This New Zealand white wine is another that our cellar rarely goes without. They grow concentrated grapes on a stony riverbed terrace in our Marlborough vineyard.
“A complex mix of tropical, citrus and stonefruit with a gentle seasoning of allspice.
Palate. Lush ripe fruit opens the palate with classic flavours of pear and red apples. The structure gives a lasting finish reminiscent of nougat and apricot pith.”
Full bodied wines too much to handle?
How doI manage to go from from full bodied whites and rich reds, to juice in a wine bottle for $5.00? I still can’t figure it out. Every once in a while, when the Kim Crawford and Spy Valley is running low, I resort to a cheaper, yet surprisingly tasty alternative. I’m a student what can I say? I have a few favourites to share, and a few new ideas.

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out was my latest experiment. I was intrigued by the fact that it is an Ontario based wine, but I have to admit I did buy it as a bit of a gag gift (strictly due to the name), for a male friend of mine. He was less than impressed when I showed up to the party and handed him the bottle in front of our friends.
We ended up all share the bottle and agreed that it was the furthest thing from tasting like wine, and actually tasted more of beverage you would have for breakfast. 
MLCC - Approximately $9.00 - $15.00
“For those informal and relaxed occasions, we’ve created Girls’ Night Out Tropical Tango: a refreshing, fruity, lighter alcohol flavoured wine beverage. Because...it’s hard to be serious in flip flops.”
Strawberry Samba: Strawberry and watermelon flavours.
Girls Night Out Tropical Tango - Grapefruit and Pineapple flavours with Lemonade
Citrusberry Twist: Blueberry and Blood Orange flavours.
Darkberry Duo: Raspberry and Blackberry flavours.

Relax Riesling -  $11.49
Chill and Unwind with my personal favourite!
The authentic German Riesling, RELAX Riesling, found in a sea blue bottle, is one of America's favourite Rieslings. RELAX® is made for people who want to spend less time worrying about wine and more time enjoying it.