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Friday, March 9, 2012

It's been a while

What a hectic month! I feel terrible that I have neglected my blog the past few weeks, but it has been busy, busy, busy! The past few weeks the first year CreComm students have been putting the final touches on our magazines. The launch is just a few short weeks again, and putting the final touches on a magazine is hard work! I have a new found appreciation for the business! Stay tuned for our very own Black Tutu Magazine drinks page coming soon.
This week was also really special because we had the opportunity to watch the second year students present their Independent Professional Projects. We saw over 70 different and unique projects ranging from video documentaries, plays, radio dramas, graphic novels, screenplays, sarcastic greeting cards, magazines, songs, start up businesses, novels, and even children's books. It was really inspiring to see what these dedicated students committed a year of their life to. I know the first year students were floored with the talent, and we are all nervous to begin ours!

Here are some pictures from the 2012 IPP Presentations.

 Paddling in Peeptoes

Sarcastic greeting cards

nothing like finishing off the week with a drink or two!

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