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Sunday, September 25, 2011

SIDETRACKED - Page One: Inside The New York Times

Today's blog is a little different. Instead of a feature drink I have turned my attention to the feature film Page One: Inside The New York Times. What an incredible experience, to learn about what goes in to the making of a leading seven days a week newspaper.
I think the most interesting thing that I drew from this experience was learning about the company's transition of delivering news through social networking and different digital media outlets. Through watching this film you really start to realize how important it is to stay current through blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn etc if you want to working in the communication community.
I learned a lot through the interviews with Brian Stelter. It is fascinating to think that just through keeping an anonymous blog, at 21 years old he was discovered and is now working for such a huge media mogul. He stresses the importance of social media and staying current. At one point in the movie he talks about how he will go to work and overhear lunchroom chatter about a "breaking news story" that he read on Twitter at midnight, almost twelve hours before that. It just goes to show that by being involved in so many different social media networks it helps you to stay current on information, and gives you a leg up on your competition that might not be using social media techniques.
Stelter says in the movie "I don't know how anybody who is a reporter is not on Twitter." If I would have watching this film in August I wouldn't have had a clue what he is talking about. But with my first month of CreComm behind me, I completely agree. Twitter is just one of many ways that I stay connected now. Twitter is instant updates on anybody and anything that you need to follow (as long as they are on Twitter too!), and to be a great reporter you have to be in the loop.
The most inspiring person that the film follows is media desk reporter David Carr. In my experience he really stole the show with his whit and his triumphant success story. To go from being a drug addict and single parent on welfare raising two children, to a reporter for The New York Times, truly is an amazing accomplishment.
Overall I think that this film is definitely worth seeing, no matter what career path or interest you have. It is important to learn about the history of print news, and how these companies are surviving with the change over to digital media.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wasabi's LOL

First of all I want to say happy birthday to my girl Lauren Best!! To celebrate her birthday this week we went out to Wasabi Sushi on Osbourne! We tried Wasabi's creation "LOL". Too many of these and it might have you doing just that!! Head down to one of Wasabi's three locations - Osbourne, Taylor or Broadway OR try it from home!!

- half of a lemon and lime - squeezed into glass
- keep the rinds and toss them in the glass with ice
-1 cup of ginger ale
- 2 oz of citrus vodka (try Absolut Citrus)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Brew to Tweet About

After our very informative dive into the Twitterverse in PR today we were asked to search new and interesting people or things to follow. I came across a really cool local brewery called Half Pints Brewing Company in Winnipeg Manitoba.What an awesome place to check out! START FOLLOWING ASAP! @HalfPintsBrewCo

They feature their flagship beers and seasonal picks with write ups on each, and food pairing suggestions! The site also includes which locations in Winnipeg you can go to try their on tap selections. Don't feel like going out? You can drink their brew at home by ordering your own keg directly from their website.


Try out their two seasonal features Phil's Pils and Sweet Nikki Brown. Phil's Pils is "brewed using two-row pale, melanoidin, and crystal malts, this lager is chock full of malty goodness on top of German hops. His Pils actually tastes like malt & hops." They suggest serving it with ribs or pepper jack cheese!

Or try Sweet Nikki Brown. This rich brown ale has"...[added] crystal malt [that] gives the beer a sweet flavour while melanoidin and chocolate malts lend a complex nutty character...We’ve used Centennial hops to add a citrus finish to the beer." They suggest serving it with rye bread, asiago cheese, and pickles!


550 Roseberry Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3H 0T1

T: 204.832.PINT
F: 204.632.7702

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fruity Iced Teas!

One of my favourite spots in the city, and also a place I have worked for the past couple of years is Mountain Bean Coffee Co. in North Kildonan. The coffee shop is located at 2001 Henderson Hwy, Unit 5 (in the strip mall just past the Shell).

It truly is a hot spot in my end of town. We have our morning regulars who wouldn't miss their M&M (medium sized medium roast) for anything. It's the kind of place where if we don't know you by name, we definitely know you by order!
Mountain Bean was brought to Winnipeg by former NHL goalie Trevor Kidd. Trevor is originally from Winnipeg and after moving around to various cities to play hockey he moved back home to raise his family. There is also aMountain Bean location in Toronto. Last NovemberTrevor sold the business last year, but it remains in good hands with Mel and Keri!
The inside resembles that of a cabin and there is plenty of seating including leather couches, and wooden tables and chairs. Enjoy the weather while we have it and grab your drink to sit outside on our patio.

Hungry? There are plenty of cakes, muffins, cinnamon buns, and assorted desserts, as well as sandwiches made fresh every day.

This year we introduced new flavours of loose iced tea. All of the teas come as combinations of dried fruits, flowers, and vitamins. Simply choose your flavour, and add hot water to this loose tea mixture and let it steep for 3 minutes. After the tea steeps it is poured over ice for you to enjoy!

There are four new flavours for you to try:

1. Dragon Fruit Prickly Pear
apple pieces, dragon fruit, sea buckthorn berries, goji berries, favouring kiwi edges, pineapple pieces, citric acid, cranberry pieces, blueberries, vitamin C

2. Aloe Vera - Berryfruit (MY FAV!)
apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, papaya, orange peels, rosebuds, granulated passion fruit, starch, aloe vera pieces

3. Prickly Pear Fruit
pear bits, rose buds, citric acid, kiwi bits, rose blossom leaves, vitamin C

4. Ice Apple Fruit
apple pieces, pineapple, mango, papaya pieces, mate tea, citric acid, lemon grass, hibiscus blossoms, vitamin C

I can say I have tried all four flavours and I like them all! I would really recommend the Aloe Vera - Berryfruit and the Dragon Fruit Prickly Pear. Those are the most popular by the staff and the feedback from customers. They run from $3.10 for a small $3.60 for a medium and $4.10 for a large.

Whether you are picking up a cool drink for the drive out to the cabin for the last few days of warm weather, or just looking for a neat little place to stop in the city and relax I would highly recommend giving Mountain Bean a shot.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Party Rockers

After a great discussion in journalism today about the upcoming Manitoba provincial election and the personality profile featuring Greg Selinger in the Globe and Mail, it really got me thinking. We as voters all seemed to agree that featuring personality profiles of all the candidates would be informative and interesting.

Sooo I thought why not make a drink for each leader! This month no matter what party we stand or have stood behind, we will look at each party platform and leader and make our our informed voting decisions. After all of that hard work we can all sit down together with our celebratory drinks.

Drink 1: Progressive Conservative Party lead by Hugh McFadyen

- 100mL Vodka
-1 cup of Orange Juice
- 1 tbsp of Grenadine Syrup
- 2-3 Maraschino Cherries
- Ice Cubes
*serve in tall glass

Drink 2: New Democratic Party lead by Greg Selinger
"Greg Goose On the Rocks (with lime)"

- 100-150mL of L'Orange Grey Goose Vodka
- 1 tbsp Lime Juice
- Lime Wedge
- Ice Cubes
*serve in short glass

Drink 3: Liberal Party lead by Dr. Jon Gerrard
"Gerrard Marnier" (found on the Grand Marnier website under "Grand Moccha")

- 50mL Grand Marnier
- 195mL of hot Milk
- 1 shot of hot espresso
- 50mL of melted dark chocolate
*garnish with whipped cream on top

Drink 4: Green Party lead by James Beddome
Green Beddini

- 50mL of Peach Puree (chilled)
-100mL of Honey Dew Melon Puree (chilled)
-150mL Champagne

Drink your fav or try all four!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Why did I start this blog? As a student my social life and financial funds are almost non existent, so when an opportunity to go out comes a long I want to make sure I make the most of it. If you are going to pay $7.50 plus for "the best drink in town," well then it better be just that.

This blog will feature some of my favourite drinks from bigger chain restaurants, as well as some lesser known Winnipeg gems. I will blog about new liquors to enter the market and any new recipes I come across! Please post any new drinks you come across!

Make sure to check out my holiday specials to make your party (or the drinks at least) the talk of the town.